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Briefs & Case Studies

Livestock insurance for pastoralists in Ethiopia: exploring opportunities for scaling by Yihenew Zewdi, Masresha Taye and Francesco Fava - 1/8/20

Using mLearning to improve training retention: Lessons from Ethiopia by Masresha Taye and Nathaniel Jensen - 1/11/19


Final Extended Report - A Report of the High-Level Policy and Technical Workshop on Index Based Livestock Insurance in the IGAD Region June 24 – 26, 2019, ILRI Ethiopia Campus

Livestock insurance payouts and coping strategies of pastoralists during drought by Masresha Taye, Vincent Alulu, Wako Gobu and Nathaniel Jensen - 1/7/19


Monitoring, evaluation and learning for education and extension - a framework for Index Based Livestock Insurance by Mallory St Claire and Rupsha R Banerjee - 1/5/19


A business strategy for the distribution of Index-Based Livestock Insurance to urban professions - insights from Kenya by Tara Hammonds and Rupsha R Banerjee - 1/11/18


Feasibility of establishing a market information system in the Horn of Africa: Insights from northern Kenya by Anne Gesare, Philemon Chelanga & Rupsha Banerjee - 1/4/17

Drivers of demand for index-based livestock insurance in southern Ethiopia by Kazushi Takahashi, Munenobu Ikegami, Megan Sheahan & Christopher Barrett - 1/1/17

Integrating index-based livestock insurance with community savings and loan groups in northern Kenya by Samuel Mburu, Leigh Johnson & Andrew Mude - 1/12/15

Gamification and mLearning in the Index-Based Livestock Insurance project by Brenda Wandera - 1/12/15

Capacity development in the Index-Based Livestock Insurance project by Iddo Dror - 1/12/15

Mobile technology-driven capacity development: lessons from the mNutrition and IBLI projects by Brenda Wandera, Edwin Kang’ethe & Bryn Davies - 1/12/15

Index-based insurance: Lottery ticket or insurance? By Nathan Jensen, Christopher Barrett & Andrew Mude - 1/7/15

The favourable impacts of Index-Based Livestock Insurance: Evaluation results from Ethiopia and Kenya by Nathan Jensen, Christopher Barrett & Andrew Mude - 1/5/15

Index-Based Livestock Insurance (IBLI)–Lessons in extension and outreach: A case of Wajir CountyPhilemon Chelang’a, Rupsha Banerjee & Andrew Mude - 1/2/15

Using satellite data to insure camels, cows, sheep and goats: IBLI and the development of the world’s first insurance for African pastoralists by Iddo Dror, Shreya Maheshwari & Andrew Mude - 1/11/14

East African herders insure against drought: An impact narrative from Kenya and Ethiopia by Andrew Mude - 1/9/14

Coping with Drought: Assessing the Impacts of Livestock Insurance in Kenya by Michael Carter & Sarah Janzen - 1/3/12

The IBLI Color Legend: Translating Index-Based Mortality Predictions Into Meaningful signals by Michael Carter, Elizabeth Long & Andrew Mude

Developing Index­based Livestock Insurance for Managing Livestock Asset Risks in Northern Kenya by Sommarat Chantarat, Christopher Barrett & Andrew Mude - 1/3/10

Index Based Livestock Insurance for Northern Kenya’s Arid And Semi‐Arid Lands: The Marsabit Pilot by Andrew Mude - 1/1/10

InnovatIons In Insuring the Poor: Intelligent Design of Index Insurance for Smallholder Farmers and Pastoralists by Michael Carter - 1/12/09

Altering Poverty Dynamics With Index Insurance: Northern Kenya’s Hsnp+ by Christopher Barrett, Michael Carter, Sommarat Chantarat, John McPeak & Andrew Mude - 1/11/08

Insuring The Never Before Insured: Explaining Index Insurance Through Financial Education Games by Michael Carter, Christopher Barrett, Stephen Boucher, Sommarat Chantarat, Francisco Galarza, John McPeak, Andrew Mude & Carolina Trivelli - 1/10/08

Characterization for index based livestock insurance (Conference proceeding and reports) by Christopher Mills, Nathaniel Jensen, Christopher Barrett & Andrew Mude - 1/4/16

Insuring against drought-related livestock mortality: Piloting index-based livestock insurance in northern Kenya (Conference proceeding and reports) by Andrew Mude, Sommarat Chantarat, Christopher Barrett, Michael Carter, Munenobu Ikegami & John McPeak - 1/5/09

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