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Once we have good evidence that our targeted solutions are having a positive impact and are gaining traction among clients and stakeholders, the next step is supporting their adoption at scale.  Particularly for the underserved drylands, and for relatively novel innovations such as IBLI, or disruptions in the processes and platforms of collecting data and transforming it into actionable information, this requires considerable efforts in institutional and policy design. Our contributions in this domain includes the marshalling of evidence to support incentive-compatible environments to generate the investments required to reach scale, and the convening of the partners required to design and establish the related institutions and policies.

Process Innovation

The processes which have led IBLI to scale are critical for future lessons for implementing financial services in complex environments. These include creative ways of identifying value additions for IBLI while aligning with our two strategic objectives. The value additions comprise of  understanding and identifying refining / reforming organizational behavior and elements which lead to institutional changes. These institutional changes we believe led to efficiency and/or pave the way for policy support, while also creating enabling environments for market development. Hence, these innovation include identifying service delivery models, methods of technology incubation and adoption through public – private partnerships.


Focus Areas 

  • Technology Incubation

  • Organizational Behaviour

  • Processes leading to Institutional Change


Main Projects

Sub-Team Members

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Policy advocacy

Many of the technologies and innovations we work to introduce are relatively novel and therefore do not have a specific policy framework in place to support their adoption into the mainstream.  For example, our flagship program around Index-Based Livestock insurance, was introduced in a general policy vacuum for index-insurance products in both Kenya and Ethiopia, our pilot sites.  As appropriate policies are essential for guiding effective and sustainable scale, our team invests in contributing to and influencing policy processes on the basis of the considerable experience and expertise generated in the field. 

Our recent and increasing agenda around digital platforms for crowdsourcing data likewise requires policy discussions around data ownership, security and privacy that requires consideration and we are likewise contribute to those discussions and more at policy level


Focus Areas

  • Appropriate public private frameworks for effectively scaling out IBLI

  • Frameworks for determining and signaling quality in IBLI contract
    design and process management

  • Guidelines on data privacy and security within the
    crowdsourcing/citizen-science arena

Main Projects

Sub-Team Members


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Convening and partnership development

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