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IBLI-BORESHA Project in Mandera County, Kenya

Project Description


The IBLI-BORESHA project aims to build the capacity of key actors along the Index-Based Livestock Insurance (IBLI) implementation chain to attain increased IBLI uptake by least 2,000 households in Mandera County by the end of the 2-year project period.

Project Activities

World Vision Kenya, through the BORESHA (Building Opportunities for Resilience in the Horn of Africa) project, seeks to promote economic development and greater resilience, particularly among vulnerable groups in Mandera county. ILRI and World Vision envision communities that are more resilient and better prepared against climate shocks. For this project, the IBLI team is providing technical and capacity support with the goals of increasing IBLI partners’ awareness of how IBLI works and how to successfully implement IBLI, and ultimately to increase uptake of IBLI among pastoralist households.

Our capacity-building targets include:

  • Sensitizing Mandera County policymakers to mainstream IBLI into the county’s annual plans & budgets,

  • Training various IBLI implementers (i.e., insurance company staff, agents, community promoters, etc.) either as Master Trainers or Trainers of Trainers to be able to provide standardized IBLI trainings at various levels, and

  • Onboarding the Trainers of Trainers and Master Trainers to the IBLI mLearning (mobile learning) platform for performance evaluations and refresher learning.


The BORESHA extension and awareness creation activities focus on enhancing pastoralists’ understanding of IBLI. Community-based extension and awareness creation shall be led by trained IBLI agents and supported by the provision of relevant material and job aids as well as radio campaigns.

Implementation Partner

World Vision Kenya (member of the BORESHA Consortium)

Funded by

BORESHA Consortium

Project Timeline

February 2019 - October 2020


Duncan Khalai

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