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eLearning course - explaining IBLI to extension workers (Ethiopia)

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

A critical component of ILRI’s Index-Based Livestock Insurance (IBLI) program is creating and strengthening effective and informed demand of the IBLI product through blended learning and capacity building efforts. Recognizing the need to educate extension workers and insurance sales agents, the IBLI team deigned an eLearning course. This course is designed to meet these needs. Starting from the basic concept of insurance, the course explains index-based insurance and the Asset Protection contract and major features in Ethiopia. The course goes into detail on the calculation of the index, policy premiums and payouts to prepare participants to answer the questions that IBLI research has indicated pastoralists are likely to want answers to.


eLearning, Education






Deborah Wyburn with support from Brenda Wandera, Masresha Taye, Bryn Davies, Diba Galgallo, Duncan Khalai, Andrew Mude and Iddo Dror with further inputs from Takaful Insurance of Africa.


Accessible upon registration at

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