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IBLI eLearning course for village insurance promoters (VIPs) in Borana zone of Ethiopia

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

Aiming to capacitate stakeholders across the chain of introducing and catalysing informed demand of the IBLI Product, ILRI’s IBLI team designed a customized and blended learning materials. This is an eLearning course for IBLI VIPs (Village Insurance Promoters) in Ethiopia’s Borana zone. Overcoming the challenge of language barrier and internet connectivity, this course is designed in Afaan Oromo with an offline version of courses aimed at introducing the concepts of insurance, traditional coping strategies and conventional methods, IBLI Asset Protection Contract, Premium and payout calculations and tips for insurance promoters.


eLearning, Education


Afan Oromo




Wako Gobu, Phil Sambati and Masresha Taye



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