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IBLI Training Manuals

As part of IBLI’s blended learning strategies to capacitate IBLI Village Insurance Promoters (VIPs) on the IBLI product, a comprehensive classroom-based training is designed. The face-to-face training is divided in to five major lessons covering all concepts of conventional, index insurances, premium setting and payout calculations and sales strategy. The course is given in an interactive way where trainers can monitor the level of understanding of trainees though a well-designed training delivery. The training will employ the following teaching and learning methodologies

· Analogies

· Group discussions

· Buzz groups during sessions

· Lectures

· Question and Answers

· Proverbs and sayings

· Role play

· Reflections

· Evaluations

The overall objective of the IBLI training is to help village insurance promoters to understand and appreciate how Index-Based Livestock Insurance works so that they help potential clients to make informed decisions about investing in the Insurance Livestock Cover. Since 2010 training manuals have been revised several times, therefore what you see is different version of training manual.

2010 & 2011 version

This was the first training manual that was developed for index-based livestock insurance and the content was meant for only Marsabit County because that was where index-based livestock insurance started.

2013 APA customized version

Customized version for APA was to make sales agents and pastoralist to understand the insurance company that is underwriting the cover, APA visibility and to make APA distinct from the previous underwriter. Also, the product was expanded to Isiolo County, so the revision was meant to capture the Isiolo units and experience.


Education, IBLI Training Manual




2010, 2013


Brenda Wandera, Robert Lechipan, Diba Galgallo, Duncan Khalai and Andrew Mude with further inputs from commercial insurance partners


Click here for the 2010/2011 version

Click here for the 2013 version

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