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IBLI Videos

For case study teaser

Dr. Iddo Dror taking a management class through the business model of IBLI and scaling up approaches

IBLI edutainment video

IBLI edutainment video highlighting the plight of pastoralists in the face of severe droughts. Since their livelihoods depend on livestock, loss of livestock to drought always comes with untold suffering on pastoralists.

KLIP documentary

The Kenya livestock insurance programme (a public-private partnership) is based on index-based insurance model. The model employs use of satellites to track forage availability during the rainy season. When grazing conditions fall below a certain set level, a payout is triggered. This payout is intended to help pastoralist sustain their animals through the drought by buying forage, water and drugs. Sometimes, as shown in the documentary, the money supplements household consumption.

TIA-IBLI payout Wajir (2014)

Takaful Insurance of Africa together with ILRI gracing the payout ceremony in Wajir. In attendance is Jimmy Smith (Director-General-ILRI) and Andrew Mude (Principal Scientist-ILRI).

IBLI inception video

IBLI was mooted to safeguard livelihood of pastoralists through livestock insurance. The idea was to ensure pastoralists do not fall into abject poverty every time a drought occurs.

IBLI payout (APA) Isiolo county

Payout ceremony in Oldonyiro, Isiolo county for the 2014 season. In attendance is Ashok Sher (CEO-APA Insurance). Payout was given to 250 pastoralists in Oldonyiro alone.

IBLI microinsurance

To share information on microinsurance to pastoralists, IBLI employed several tools which include; posters, cartoon books, audio jingles and radio shows. Research has shown that people generally increase understanding on IBLI upon training. However, this knowledge deteriorates after 6 weeks, leading to confusion and misunderstanding.

Aljazeera coverage of Wajir payout

101 pastoralists shared $5,900 of the first payout in 2014. Most pastoralists like Abdirahaman Mohamed, had lost almost all their herds in a preceding drought in 2011. Aljazeera highlights the life changing intervention of IBLI.

Investing in pastoralism CNBC Africa interview (2009)

Dr Andrew Mude being interviewed on the ravages of drought and potential investments that need to be made to safeguard the livelihoods of pastoralists in the horn of Africa.

2016 Borlaug dialogue-inspiring the next generation

Dr Andrew Mude among other Borlaug laureates shining light on different technological innovations that are critical in the development space.


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