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As part of IBLI’s blended learning strategies to capacitate IBLI sales agent, Village Insurance Promoters (VIPs) quick reference book was developed, this is an A6 size booklet that summarizes the contract features. Village insurance promoters and sales agents carry them around or when in their shops to remind them of the features they need to discuss with the potential clients. There are two versions of quick reference guide one is asset replacement contract guide and the other is asset protection version, asset protection version.

Asset replacement guide

This is a booklet that summarizes the asset replacement contract features, which is predicted mortality contract.

Asset Protection-APA reference guide

Forage scarcity only protects against prolonged forage scarcity because of drought. To receive a payment, the index needs to be triggered at a level below the strike level.

Takaful reference guide-this is asset replacement version customized for Takaful


Education, Quick reference guide




2011, 2015, 2014


Brenda Wandera, Diba Galgallo, Duncan Khalai and Andrew Mude with further inputs from commercial insurance partners


Click here to access the asset replacement guide

Click here to access the asset protection reference guide (APA)

Click here to access the Takaful reference guide

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