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Feasibility of Index-Based Insurance for Livestock in Somalia

Project Description


This project is a study to explore the technical, operational, financial, and socio-economic challenges that would have to be addressed for the successful introduction of a satellite-based drought insurance product for pastoralists in Somalia.

Research Overview


The scope of this study is to conduct a feasibility assessment for an index-based livestock insurance in Somalia. The overall goal is to inform the Government of Somalia, the donor community, and local stakeholders of the potential to support the launch of a livestock insurance cover that will cushion the pastoral households in the Somalia against the impacts of severe drought shocks.


The study will cover three key areas:

  1. The technical feasibility of satellite-based drought insurance;

  2. The operational feasibility of such a scheme (e.g., is there demand from farmers, insurance companies, and government?), and

  3. The financial feasibility of drought insurance, with indicative costing values for public support to livestock insurance.


The key output from this study will be a clear statement to the Government of Somalia regarding the technical, operational, and financial feasibility of drought insurance in Somalia.


Research Partner

The World Bank

Funded by

The World Bank

Project Timeline

February 2019 - June 2019


Francesco Fava

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