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Understanding IBLI

Index-Based Livestock Insurance is a product that is designed to protect against prolonged forage scarcity. IBLI triggers payment to pastoralists to help maintain their livestock in the face of severe forage scarcity. Forage conditions are measured over a defined period and calculated using a measure of pasture availability that is recorded by satellites. These readings are compared with observed readings over a given historical period. The strike level (threshold below which payments must be made) is such that if forage conditions for the current season ranks below a certain level, contract pays out.


Education, understanding IBLI




2014, 2016 and 2017


Brenda Wandera, Duncan Khalai and Diba Kone with further inputs from commercial insurance partners


Click here to access the Isiolo contract summary

Click here to access the Marsabit contract summary

Click here to access the Wajir contract summary

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